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Employment law is essential for all business, but sometimes it could be problematic and drowsing. However, we aim to use our expertise knowledge with friendly and supportive service to solve questions for you involving a wide range of services.
Employment law is complex and an area of law because it is regularly changing. It is important for you to understand the lawful responsibility better. Therefore, as an employer, your duties start when you interview someone, you must not be discriminatory in any way either on the basis of age, sex, race or any other protected characteristic.
Moreover, regarding legal terms and conditions of employment, every employee must receive within 8 weeks of commencement a compliant set of terms of conditions of employment. This must contain certain prescribed information including the identity of the employer, calculation of wages, calculation of sick pay and holidays and also give access to a disciplinary and grievance procedure, among certain other legal requirements.
V&T also devotes to provide you essential employer guidance on warnings and disciplinary procedures, discrimination and equal opportunities, TUPE legal advice and Employee incentive schemes advice.
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